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Staycations Can Be a Real Trip

By July 30, 2011

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While for some blood cancer patients it may be possible to escape on a getaway between or after treatments, it may be a no-go for others. Being strapped for cash, wiped out, or grounded by your doc can really put a damper on summer holiday vacation plans!

How about a staycation? That is, taking a vacation without ever leaving your home.

The point of taking a staycation while you are undergoing cancer treatment is not to escape from your home, but to escape from your cancer and your problems- even if just for a day or two. Leave behind all your worries about cancer, treatment, meds, side effects, and to- do lists

Here are my itinerary suggestions for a fabulous staycation:

  • Let friends and loved ones know that you are going to be "away" for a couple of days- so not to worry about you. Then, turn off the phone
  • Take a travel partner- but only if you want to
  • Try  some gentle yoga or guided imagery. Both are wonderful ways to leave your troubles behind
  • Forget about the housework
  • Pre-plan your travel arrangements by making a list of books and movies you have been dying to check out, but never seem to have the time. Then, visit your local bookstore or library and pick them up
  • Make sure to spend time outdoors, and take a few moments to smell the flowers- literally
  • Write it on the calendar and stick to it
  • Have a splurge while on holiday- order in a nice meal, spend a night at a local bed and breakfast, or arrange an in- home massage treatment

The most important thing to remember while you are on staycation is that you are on a HOLIDAY. This isn't just a a couple of nights cooped up in your house on the sofa. It is meant to be an escape from your problems, so indulge yourself a little.

Let me know about your great staycation tips and ideas!

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