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Doxorubicin Side Effects – Heart Problems - Leukemia & Lymphoma
Side effects of doxorubicin (Adriamycin) used in lymphoma chemotherapy include damage the heart at high doses. Find out more about doxorubicin ...
Lymphoma - 7 Common Side-effects of Treatment
Oct 1, 2012 ... Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are highly effective, but often at the cost of side- effects during treatment. Learn about common side effects and ...
What You Need to Know About Taking Oral Chemotherapy
On the other hand, you may feel less in touch with your healthcare providers, and overwhelmed by managing your own side effects. Taking oral chemotherapy ...
Chemotherapy Side Effects - Lung Cancer - About.com
Chemotherapy side effects are one of the most feared parts of cancer treatment. What are some of the more common side effects?
Long Term Side Effects of Chemotherapy - Lung Cancer - About.com
Though cancer treatment may improve survival rates, some people experience long term side effects of chemotherapy. What are some of these symptoms?
Chemotherapy - Side Effects of Chemotherapy - Cancer - About.com
Unfortunately, there are many side effects of chemotherapy. Learn what to expect with side effects, when to call your doctor, and how to combat side effects.
Chemotherapy - Side Effects and Prevention - Cancer - About.com
May 30, 2014 ... People with cancer are often concerned with what chemotherapy side effects are going to occur during their treatment. They often hear about ...
3 Natural Remedies for the Side Effects of Chemotherapy
Find out about natural remedies and alternative therapies that may provide relief for chemotherapy side effects such as fatigue, nausea, and stomach upset.
Chemotherapy Side Effects - Cancer - About.com
Chemotherapy is a form of treatment for many forms of cancers. It produces few, yet emotionally devastating side effects. Learn answers to questions concerning  ...
Chemotherapy Side Effects - Common ... - Lung Cancer
Chemotherapy side effects are one of the most dreaded parts of cancer treatment . How can you manage these common chemotherapy side effects?
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