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Nutrition for the Blood Cancer Patient- How to Maintain Good Nutrition

Wondering what to eat on treatment day? Suffering from a sore throat and mouth? Needing some help with stomach side effects? Here are some suggestions and recipes to help you keep up your nutrition.

What to Eat on Chemotherapy Day- Chicken, Barley and Bow-Tie Soup
Move over, chicken noodle soup! This hearty soup has all the comfort of our old favorite with a fiber boost from the barley. A great option for any meal after treatment.

What to Eat on Chemotherapy Day- Mock Chocolate Eclair
This light treat is easy on the stomach any time. Enjoy this on treatment day, or any other day!

What to Eat on Chemotherapy Day- Blueberry Pancakes
Wondering what to eat on the morning of your treatment? These delicious blueberry pancakes can be made ahead and frozen for an easy meal before you head out for the cancer center.

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