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Leukemia and Lymphoma-Clinical Trials

Clinical trials help the medical community gain new information about diagnosing, treating, and preventing cancer. Find out more about clinical trials and how you may participate in them.

Survival Terms Used in Cancer
Understand the meaning of commonly used survival terms - median survival, overall survival, cause-specific survival, disease-free survival, progression free survival and event-free survuval.

What is Randomization?
Clinical trials randomize patients into different treatment groups. Understand what randomization involves and what it means for you.

Lymphoma and Clinical Trials - What You Need to Know
Your doctor has told you about a clinical trial in which you can enroll. But you are confused. Find out what clinical trials are and what they involve. Get to know about phase I II and III trials, informed consent and randomization.

Should I Participate in a Clinical Trial?
Is participating in a clinical trial right for you? Find out how to make this difficult decision.

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