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Updated May 04, 2012

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Hematuria is a term used to describe a condition where there is blood in the urine.

It can be further categorized as microscopic hematuria, in which blood is not actually visible in the urine, but it can be detected by a urine test, or macroscopic hematuria, which describes obvious blood in the urine. Macroscopic hematuria can also be referred to as “frank blood” in the urine.

In patients with leukemia or lymphoma, there are a number of possible causes of hematuria:

Hematuria is diagnosed using a urinalysis, in which you void into a sterile cup and the sample is looked at under the microscope to detect any red blood cells. Hematuria can also be diagnosed using a chemistry “dipstick,” which is dipped into your urine and indicates the presence of hemoglobin (a component of blood).

How hematuria is treated depends on what is causing it.

While some causes of hematuria can be more serious than others, you should always contact your healthcare team if you think that you have blood in your urine.

Pronunciation: Heem-a-tur-ee-a
Alternate Spellings: Haematuria

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