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Updated April 09, 2014


Histopathology is the examination of tissues from the body under a microscope to spot the signs and characteristics of disease. A histopathology report describes the tissue that has been sent for examination and what its features are under the microscope. Occasionally a histopathology report is also called a biopsy report.

The word histopathology is derived from two Greek words - histos (tissue) and pathos (suffering).

The specialist doctor who does the examination under the microscope is called a pathologist. The tissue that is studied could be from a biopsy or a surgery. It is often removed from the diseased part of the body by a surgeon. It is then processed and cut into very thin layers (called sections) and examined under microscopes to characterize the details of the cells in the tissue.

In lymphomas, lymph nodes are the tissue most commonly examined in histopathology.


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Also Known As: biopsy report, pathology report, histopath

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