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T’was the Nights Following Chemo


Updated December 21, 2011

T’was the nights following chemo, back at home in my house
The side effects are brewing, there isn’t a doubt

My stomach will churn with each taste and each smell
If my hair will grow back, I’m not able to tell

The bowel upset is a challenging curse
Diarrhea or constipation, can’t decide which is worse

All shaving is done with caution and care
With hope that some platelets, if needed, are there

And the white cells I have are too few to mention
They won’t be much help in the case of infection

Red cell production’s met a similar plight
Which is why I am napping from morning ‘til night

See, when fighting blood cancers like leukemia or lymphoma
And even their cousin, the rare myeloma

The treatments can’t tell cancer cells from the good
So you get pretty sick while they do what they should

So my battle with cancer has landed me here
And I spring from my bed and I let out a cheer

“On stem cells! On chemo, and other prescriptions!
I’m needing transfusions while my marrow gets fixin’!”

And with that I lay down for some rest and respite
Easy journey to all, and to all a good fight!

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