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Living with Leukemia, Lymphoma, or Myeloma


From diagnosis to treatment and then into survivorship or relapse, hundreds of issues need to be addressed during your fight with lymphoma. Find out about these issues and how to cope with them.
  1. Emotional Issues
  2. Managing Side Effects of Leukemia and Lymphoma Treatment
  3. Treatment Response and Survival
  4. Issues for Survivors

Emotional Issues

Coping is the way in which you deal with your cancer. It does not mean that you have to hopelessly accept your cancer, or be positive about your diagnosis. Coping means managing the diagnosis, and finding the strength and resources to take control of how you live with your disease.

Managing Side Effects of Leukemia and Lymphoma Treatment

Side effects from the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma can range from mildly irritating to distressing. Many patients feel that side effects are a necessary evil, and all part of the cancer experience. While some side effects are inevitable, many can be managed with some simple interventions.

Treatment Response and Survival

Once your treatment is over, the oncologist assesses the response to treatment using a number of measures. The terms used can be difficult to understand. So can the terms used to describe the chances of survival. Here is a simple guide to response and survival terminology.

Issues for Survivors

For those who win their initial battle against leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma, there begins a new life of hope. But cancer and its treatment leaves behind many questions and numerous long-standing effects. Here are some common issues for lymphoma survivors.

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