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Parents With Cancer

How can you help someone through your cancer diagnosis when you feel like you can barely cope with it yourself? This is the challenge that parents with cancer face each day.

It All Begins at Home
Leukemia & Lymphoma Spotlight10

Leukemia & Lymphoma

Sink Your Teeth into Dental Health Month!

Saturday October 20, 2012

October is Dental Hygiene Month, which makes sense since most of us consume more candy than usual this month! If you are like me, you avoid buying Halloween candy until the very last moment so you don't end up eating your body weight in miniature chocolate bars!

You may not know this, but dentists are a very important part of your cancer care team. While chemotherapy and radiotherapy commonly cause complications with the mouth, these complications can be a big problem if not taken seriously. In fact, side effects of the mouth and teeth can actually prevent you from getting the full doses of chemotherapy medications on time- possibly decreasing how effective they are.

Check out these tips for great mouth care during cancer treatment:


Bald is Beautiful- Showcase it this Halloween!

Saturday October 13, 2012

Halloween is only 18 days away and for some, the race is on to find the best costume. Whether you are just hanging around the house handing out candy to the little goblins, or being a bit of a ghoul yourself, dressing for the season is a fun escape from the day to day!

If you have lost your hair lately as the result of cancer treatment, you may be wondering how to make the most of your shiny new dome! It won't last forever, so why not showcase it this Halloween season?

Top Bald Halloween Costumes


Turkey Time to the North

Saturday October 6, 2012

The holiday season has officially begun in Canada- this weekend is Thanksgiving!

It is particularly timely, especially since we are in the middle of the largest recall of tainted beef in Canadian history, to remind you of the importance of food safety. While you may not be more likely than anybody else to come into contact with food borne bacteria, folks who have a lowered immune system as the result of a blood cancer or the treatment of it can become more sick than the rest of us. Please make sure you review safe cooking and handling techniques to avoid illness this Thanksgiving.

Holiday Food Safety for the Leukemia or Lymphoma Patient

Whether you are Canadian or not, it is never a bad time to take a step back and try to think of something you are thankful for- a supportive family, great friends, an understanding boss, or even just the time you get to spend with a beloved pet. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, and much more to be thankful for!


To Flu or Not to Flu?

Friday October 5, 2012

As the cooler weather comes upon us so does another foe- influenza. I have recently noticed that the display boards are popping up all over town, advertising the details about where and when you can get this year's flu shot. Even among the regular population, people wonder if they should or shouldn't get the flu shot. "Every time I get it, I get sick!" or "I haven't had the flu in 25 years, why would I get a vaccine for it?" are common responses to the question.

But, if you have a lowered immune system as a result of a blood or marrow cancer, or the treatment of it, you may be especially concerned about the vaccine but even more concerned about getting the illness!

Here is is some information that may help you make your decision:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Flu Shot for Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients

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