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Living With Leukemia or Lymphoma

No doubt about it, a leukemia or lymphoma diagnosis will change your life. Learn more about remission, relapse, and life after treatment. Overcome the challenges and celebrate (yes, celebrate!) the successes of living life with a blood cancer.
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Living with Lymphoma
After a lymphoma diagnosis, individuals face a new kind of life. They have to deal with side effects, financial issues, and the fear of disease relapse.

Newly Diagnosed With Leukemia or Lymphoma? Next Steps
If you have just been diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma, it may be difficult to imagine moving forward and taking the first steps on your cancer journey. Or, you may be feeling very eager to get started. Either way, this is probably not a road you have travelled before and you may be wondering where to start. Read here to learn more about your...

How to Choose a Good Doctor
You most likely have already had contact with a primary doctor by the time you are being investigated for a blood cancer. But, finding the right doctor to provide care for you while you are in treatment can be intimidating. Here are some things to look for when choosing a good doctor.

How and When to Get A Second Opinion
Finding the right doctor for your cancer treatment can be a difficult decision, but so is knowing when to ask for more advice. Learn all about how and why to get a second opinion.

Coping With Leukemia And Lymphoma
Helpful suggestions for people to cope with their diagnosis of leukemia or lymphoma. Includes tips on emotional well being, financial help, learning about cancer, and accepting help from others.

Do You Have Good or Bad Coping Skills?
As we go through different stressors in our lives, we develop coping skills. Learn what "good" coping skills are, and how to improve yours.

Dealing With Guilt in Cancer
People with cancer and their loved ones commonly feel guilty for a number of reasons. Learn what guilt in cancer is all about, and how you can let go of it.

Depression in Blood Cancer Patients
It is common to have feelings of loss and sadness when you are diagnosed with a blood cancer, but when does it become abnormal?

Dealing with Depression Following Blood Cancer Diagnosis
Cancer patients are higher risk than the rest of the population to develop depression. What can you do if you become depressed?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Cancer Patients
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often associated with soldiers returning from war, but can it occur after a cancer diagnosis as well?

Life After Lymphoma Treatment Understanding Remission, Cure and Relapse
After lymphoma treatment is over you are faced with new dilemmas and newer terms. Find out the meaning of remission, cure and relapse as it applies to lymphoma.

Life After Cancer Treatment and Follow-Up Care
Now that your treatment is over, you might be wondering what comes next! Learn about follow up visits, how they can stress you out, and what to do about it.

20 Ways to Celebrate Cancer Survivorship
There are certain days, such as the anniversary of your diagnosis, your last cancer treatment, or National Cancer Survivors Day, when you should really celebrate being a leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma survivor. Here are a few ways to do it!

Questions to Ask at Your Follow Up Visit
Your first follow up doctor visit after completing cancer treatment can cause a good deal of anxiety. Here are some suggestions on questions to ask your healthcare team at your follow up visit.

National Cancer Survivors Day
June 5th is National Cancer Survivors Day. How will you celebrate?

What is a Survivorship Care Plan?
As the outcomes in cancer care are improving, the numbers of survivors are growing. Find out about how a survivorship care plan can help you achieve your health goals and how to get one started.

Chemobrain – Thinking and Memory Problems After Chemotherapy
Chemobrain is the term used for thinking and memory problems that may occur months or years after chemotherapy. Find out more about chmobrain.

How is Treatment Response Described?
Response assessment after treatment results in a description with terms like complete response, partial response, stable disease etc. What do these response descriptors mean?

Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment and the Risk of Heart Attacks
Treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma involves the use of radiation to the chest and certain chemotherapy drugs, both of which can lead to heart problems. A study has explored the increased risk of heart attacks in those treated for Hodgkin's disease.

Infertility and Cancer
Treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma can cause changes to your ability to produce children. Learn how and why, and what can be done about it.

Infertility FAQs
Cancer treatments can occasionally cause infertility. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on the risk of infertility and the measures that can be taken to deal with the risk.

Cancer Treatments and Male Fertility
Men undergoing treatments for leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma may have difficulty producing children.

Cancer Treatments and Female Fertility
Treatment for such cancers as leukemia and lymphoma can cause infertility. Learn about the effects of cancer treatment on female fertility.

Options for Preserving Fertility of Male Cancer Patients
While it may be impossible to prevent damage to fertility during cancer treatment, there are options for men who wish to father a child.

Options for Preserving Fertility of Female Cancer Patients
There are options for female cancer patients to become pregnant in the future.

Have You Conceived A Child Following Cancer Treatment?
The ability to conceive a child after treatment for cancer can be difficult. Tell us about your experience of conceiving a child after cancer therapy.

How Does Cancer Effect Fertility
Learn how radiation and chemotherapy for blood cancers can cause infertility.

Can Radiotherapy Result in Second Cancers After Treatment?
Radiotherapy has been implicated in development of second cancers, years after the treatment of lymphomas. Separate the myth from the fact.

How Does Leukemia, Lymphoma or Myeloma Affect Your Sex Life?
Many patients are surprised at the effect that leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma would have on their sex life.Learn all about how your blood cancer can affect your sex life.

Frequently Un- asked Questions About Sex and Blood Cancers
Talking about sex with your doctors, family, friends or even your partner can be uncomfortable. Here are the answers to questions you might have about sex and blood cancers, but were too afraid to ask.

Sexual Side Effects of Cancer Treatment for Women
It is not uncommon for you to experience changes to your sex life after a diagnosis of cancer. Learn about side effects that women may experience as a result of their illness, or the treatment of it.

Sexual Side Effects of Cancer Treatment for Men
Many men will experience changes to their sex life following a diagnosis of leukemia or lymphoma. These may be related to stress or emotions, but may also have a physical cause as well. Learn about the sexual side effects that cancer treatment can have on men.

Coping with Leukemia or Lymphoma
A discussion about learning to cope with leukemia or lymphoma. Helpful tips on how to deal with feelings, learning about cancer, accepting help from others, and seeking financial help.

Getting the Most Out of Your Pain Medication
Some tips to help you get the maximum benefit from your cancer pain medications.

Travel Tips for Cancer Patients
Travel planning can be tough for leukemia and lymphoma patients. Here are a few tips to make your get away a smooth one.

Talking About Cancer Pain
Learn tips about how to talk to your healthcare team about the pain you are experiencing from your blood cancer.

Managing Side Effects from Opioid Pain Medication
While opioid medications may be very helpful in managing cancer pain, they can cause a few side effects. Learn how to manage these side effects and get the most out of your pain relief.

What Is Extravasation?
Extravasation is a type of skin reaction that happens when medications leak outside of the vein.

Caring for Cancer Patients
There are nurses in almost every environment where healthcare is provided. What are the different types of nurses, and how do they contribute to the healthcare team?

The Working Caregiver
Balancing cancer caregiving with work can be a little like juggling while riding a unicycle and playing the kazoo. Check out these tips for keeping all your balls in the air, and staying sane while doing it.

Caregiver Stress
Taking on the responsibility of caregiving for a blood cancer patient can be very fulfilling,but also very stressful as well. Learn about caregiver stress and what to do about it.

Caregiver Burnout
Even the strongest of individuals can face caregiver burnout over time. Learn about the signs that you may be suffering from caregiver burnout, and what you can do about it.

Caring for Your Hospitalized Loved One
What kind of care can you provide when your loved one is hospitalized with leukemia or lymphoma? Find out here!

Top Ten Things to Bring for a Hospital Campout
Pack a small tote with these essentials when planning to care for a hospitalized loved one.

Talking with Your Children About Your Cancer
Communicating with your child about your cancer diagnosis can be very difficult, but it is a necessary conversation. Learn tips on how to talk with your kids about your cancer.

Top Ten Ways to Help Your Children Adjust to Your Cancer
A diagnosis of cancer can cause a great deal of change and uncertainty in a child's life. Learn the best ways to help your children cope and adjust to your cancer diagnosis.

Children and Hospital Visits
Allowing your child to visit you while you are hospitalized with leukemia or lymphoma can help them to adjust to your diagnosis. Learn how to prepare for the visit and when the right time is.

Helping Your Children Cope At the End of Your Life
Learn about how you can help your children cope with the end of your life.

How to Pack for the Hospital
Packing for a hospital stay can be a challenge, especially with so many other stressors going on at the same time! Here are a few tips for hospital stay packing for the blood cancer patient.

Staying Safe in the Sun After Cancer Treatment
Treatment for blood cancer can make your skin extra sensitive to the harmful effects of the sun. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe in the sun.

Should I Quit Smoking?
Is the pain of quitting smoking during cancer treatment worth it? Yes! Here's why.

What is Shingles?
Shingles is a common infection in leukemia and lymphoma patients. Learn the warning signs of shingles and what you can do about it.

Doxorubicin Side Effects - Heart Problems
Side effects of doxorubicin (Adriamycin) used in lymphoma chemotherapy include damage the heart at high doses. Find out more about doxorubicin cardiotoxicity in this article.

How Can Graft Versus Host Disease be Prevented?
GVHD is a common complication of bone marrow or stem cell transplants. Here are some measures that may reduce the chances and the risk of getting GVHD.

Can I Drink Alcohol During Cancer Treatment?
Many people enjoy drinking alcohol now and then, but how does it impact cancer treatment?

When it Rains... Disaster Preparedness for the Blood Cancer Patient
While disaster preparedness is important for any family, leukemia and lymphoma patients have a few extra things to consider when planning for the worst case scenario. Learn about how to be prepared when emergency strikes.

Winter Safety Tips for the Blood Cancer Patient
The arrival of winter may be inevitable, but the health and safety concerns don't need to be! Get prepared with these few easy tips for the blood cancer patient.

Safe Disposal of Needles and Other “Sharps”
As a patient with a blood cancer, it is not uncommon for you to continue to receive injections after you leave the hospital. But how do you get rid of the needles when you are done?

Safe Handling of Body Waste Following Chemotherapy
Did you know that chemotherapy is excreted in your body waste for 48 hours after your treatment? Learn how to keep yourself and loved ones safe from accidental exposure.

Top Ten Medication Safety Tips for the Hospitalized Blood Cancer Patient
Unfortunately, medication errors do occur in the hospital, Check out these tips for reducing the risk that it could happen to you.

Top Ten Medication Safety Tips for the Home
Medication errors can happen to the best of us. Checkout these tips for how you can decrease your chances for a medication error at home.

How to Choose A Pharmacy
Most people choose a pharmacy for its convenience, but is that the most important thing? Check out these tips for finding a great pharmacy.

When Leukemia or Lymphoma Returns
When leukemia or lymphoma return after a period of remission, it be surprising and confusing- how did this happen? Could it have been prevented? Learn about relapse of blood and marrow cancers and how recurrence is treated.

Coping with Emotions When Cancer Recurs
When they learn that their leukemia or lymphoma has relapsed, it is normal for people to feel a wide range of emotions. Learn strategies for coping with the most common feelings.

What is Palliative and Hospice Care?
Palliative care focuses on providing patients with the best quality of life, both while undergoing treatment and as death approaches. Learn about what palliative care is, and how you can ensure your wishes are being met as your goals for therapy change.

What Are Advance Directives?
Advance directives are legal documents that outline your wishes about your health care when you are not able to.Learn about why everyone should have an advance directive, and how to create one.

How to Choose a Health Care Proxy
Assigning a health care proxy is an important step in creating an advance directive. Learn about the role of the health care proxy, and how to choose one.

Choosing to Die at Home
With a growing trend toward palliative care and "natural death," more people are considering whether they would like to die at home or is a healthcare environment. Which one is right for you?

What Is a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order?
A "Do Not Resuscitate" order lets healthcare providers know that you do not want heroic measures done to save your life in an emergency. Learn what a DNR is, what it means, and why you might want one.

Living With Both AIDS and Lymphoma
Having a diagnosis of both HIV/AIDS and lymphoma can be twice as difficult as one life threatening illness. Learn about the challenges of AIDS- related lymphoma, and how to cope with a double diagnosis.

Coping With Cancer During the Holidays
People with cancer face unique- and not so unique- stressors during the holidays. Learn why the holidays are so difficult for some, and what you can do to cope with it.

How can I help my loved one with blood cancer get through the holidays?
If you have a loved one with cancer, you may be wondering how to help them get through the holiday season. Learn why the holidays can be so stressful and what you can do to help.

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Bald Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients
Dealing with therapy related alopecia this Halloween season? Or did you shave your head to support a cancer diagnosed loved one? Here are some suggestions for great Halloween costumes that make the most of being "hairline challenged!"

Holiday Food Safety for the Leukemia or Lymphoma Patient
No matter your cultural or religious background, many of our holiday celebrations involve feasting and food. However, if you have a weakened immune system as a result of leukemia or lymphoma, or treatment of these diseases, there are some important safety guidelines you should consider to avoid food borne illness

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Blood Cancer Patient
Looking for just the right gift for the blood cancer patient in your life? Here a few top suggestions.

Holiday Shopping for the Leukemia or Lymphoma Patient
In the mood for a little holiday shopping? Here are some tips for getting it done without the immune system and energy requirements of the mall.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Flu Shot for Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients
Each year as the months get colder, people debate if they should get the flu shot or not. Leukemia and lymphoma patients may worry about how safe or effective the vaccination is for them. Read through these frequently asked questions that blood cancer patients have about the flu shot, and decide if it is right for you.

Top Gift Ideas for The Blood Cancer Patient- What Are Your Top Gift Ideas for...
What Are Great Gift Ideas For Blood Cancer Patients?

What Will You be For Halloween This Year?
Tell us what you will be for Halloween this year!

Ideas for Making Halloween Special for The Hospitalized Child
When you have a child in the hospital undergoing treatment for cancer such as leukemia or lymphoma, it can be a challenge to keep their spirits upbeat. Continuing to celebrate holidays such as Halloween can help kids stay positive and feel connected with the outside world.

Will You Get A Flu Shot This Year?
At this time of year, we hear a lot about flu vaccines. Will you get one this year? Why or why not?

How Can Caregivers Care for Themselves?
As the caregiver of a cancer patient, you may be finding it difficult to balance your new responsibilities while meeting your own needs. Find out how to be the best caregiver you can be by taking care of yourself.

Dealing With the Symptoms of Premature Menopause
All women will experience menopause at some point in their lives, but it may come earlier than Mother Nature intended after cancer treatment. Learn how to deal with the symptoms of premature menopause.

Blood Transfusions for Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients
For most patients with a blood cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma, treatment for their disease requires frequent blood or blood product transfusions. Learn about blood transfusions, why you need one, and the risks of having one.

Financial Help for Leukemia Patients
The financial cost of leukemia treatment can be a huge burden to some families, especially if the patient is the breadwinner and is unable to work. This fact sheet from CancerCare outlines some resources that can help to relieve some of these concerns.

What is Iron Overload?
Patients that receive a number of blood transfusions, such as those with leukemia or lymphoma, may be at risk for developing iron overload. Find out what iron overload is, and what you can do about it.

Sexuality and Intimacy
You may be concerned about how your leukemia diagnosis will affect your initmate relationships, both now and in the future. This helpful article from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society discusses issues such as communication, coping and questions to ask your healthcare provider.

The Effect of Stress on Blood Cancers
If you have a blood cancer such as leukemia or lymphoma, it is natural to feel some degree of stress or anxiety. These feelings may be caused by worry about the future, financial or family problems, or day-to-day issues such as getting to the cancer center or remembering to take medications. No matter what the cause, stress can have an impact on...

5 New Years Resolutions for The Leukemia or Lymphoma Patient
Looking for some suggestions for New Years Resolutions you can actually keep?

FAQ for Survivors
This helpful Frequently Asked Questions page from John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, deals with issues of survivorship including late effects, support and clinical trials.

T’was the Nights Following Chemo
T'was the nights following chemo and the side effects are terrible...

Understanding Cancer Related Fatigue
Fatigue is one of the hidden demons of any kind of cancer. No doctor will tell you about it. Understand why fatigue is common with cancer patients and how it can be dealt with.

Pain Relief for the Blood Cancer Patient
There are a number of reasons why blood cancer patients could experience pain during the course of their illness. Learn why this happens, and what you can do about it.

Fertility After Cancer
You may wonder how the treatment you receive for your leukemia today will affect your ability to have children in the future. This article describes considerations for both male and female leukemia patients including sperm banking and other reproductive technologies.

Spirituality and Cancer
A cancer diagnosis can bring you closer or farther away from your spirituality. Learn what spirituality is and how it can help you make sense of your illness.

New Years Resolutions
Tell us your New Years Resolution

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